How-To with Tim Mosso

How-To with Tim Mosso

How-To with Tim Mosso
  • How-To Buy a Pre-Owned Watch

    Buying a pre-owned watch requires time, energy, and lots of research. In this episode of How-To, Tim walks us through all the tips, advice, and things to watch out for when getting ready to make a purchase.

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  • How-To Use a Dive Watch

    In this episode of our How-To series, Tim walks through how to make sure to properly care for your dive watch using examples from Breitling, Tudor, and Omega. He breaks down exactly what ISO standards classify something as a dive watch and goes through best practices to make sure it's always read...

  • How-To Break Your Watch with Tim Mosso

    Whether it's flooding an Omega Seamaster dive watch or using a pen to set the date on your Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar, there's a lot of ways you could break your watch. Tim Mosso walks us through some of the most common ways to do it so that collectors know how to avoid accidents. He cover...

  • How-To Set a Perpetual Calendar with Tim Mosso

    Our new series "How-To" has Tim Mosso giving tips and walkthroughs on various watches across brands, functionalities, and model lines. In the premiere episode, he is discussing how to set your perpetual calendar. He talks what to do (and what not to do) with examples from Patek Philippe, IWC, Uly...