Jack Explains

Jack Explains

Jack Explains
  • Homage Watches: When Imitation is Okay

    There's a long history of homage pieces in the luxury watch world, whether it's brands like Vacheron Constantin and Seiko bringing back designs from their past or companies adding a twist to iconic watches from another brand's history. Jack Forster joins us to break down what exactly an homage wa...

  • Is a Luxury Watch Worth It?

    Jack Forster takes a holistic look at the price of luxury watches and attempts to answer the question "is it worth it?" He looks back at the history of precision and pricing in the watch world from the very beginning to today, considers factors such as finishing and design, and touches on investm...

  • The Myth of the Watch Manufacture with Jack Forster

    Jack Forster is tackling something often discussed but rarely broken down in the watch world: the manufacture. More specifcally, he delves into what people think when they consider a watch brand as a "manufacture" and how true this idea really is within the industry.

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